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BRCLL Courses, January - April, 2017

Traveling Amtrak

1 Session
Monday, January 9, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
BRCC, Room 150, Patton Building
Member Fee: $20, Non-Member Fee: $30

John Pezzano and his wife are avid Amtrak travelers and have made many trips around the country using Amtrak. Cities they have traveled to include: New Orleans, Boston, Portland, Albuquerque, Chicago and Los Angeles. Mr. Pezzano will share his first-hand knowledge (both good and bad) on how to travel Amtrak and experience a unique way to see the country. If you have always wanted to ride the rails, or just desire to learn more about Amtrak, this is the class for you.

Topics to be covered include:

· Finding the best deals and when to travel
· Which town to take the train from when traveling from stations near Hendersonville and why
· What level of service to use (coach, business class, roomette, bedroom) and what they are like
· Superliner vs. Viewliner trains, flying vs. driving vs. train
· Buying tickets including if you lose your ticket, want to cancel your trip or upgrade enroute, and
· Baggage rules and tips.

John Pezzano has a Masters Degree in engineering and is retired from Hewlett Packard after serving 12 years as an Air Force officer. He also has an extensive computer background as a security consultant and knows all the tricks on getting the latest information related to train travel as well as hotels, airlines, local transit and restaurants. He is also a top contributor on the travel website TripAdvisor with over 200 reviews.

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