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BRCLL Courses, January - April, 2017

Temperate Rainforests of the Southern Highlands

2 Sessions
Thursdays, March 2 & 9
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
BRCC, Room 150, Patton Building
Member Fee: $30, Non-Member Fee: $40

What constitutes a “rainforest”?  This course will examine how spatial variation in climate enhances biological diversity and ecosystem variety.  We will consider the definition of “rainforest”, study its application to both tropical and temperate regions. We will also compare the rainforests of the southern Appalachians and Pacific Northwest to those found in the tropics of Central and South America.

The course will also examine spatial patterns in temperature and precipitation in western North Carolina as drivers of variation in the diversity of wildlife and ecosystems, as well as socioeconomic factors such as agricultural productivity and land-use history.

Dr. Scott Pearson began his educational journey at Mars Hill University, Mars Hill, N.C. and continued to the University of Georgia, Athens, GA.  He returned to his alma mater to teach as a professor of Biology, and as Dean of the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.  He has had career stints at the National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN, at The N.C. Conservancy, Chapel Hill, N.C., and a native preserve in Bat Cave, N.C.

As an ecologist, Dr. Pearson conducted research in the Southern Highlands for 30 years.  In addition to grants, awards, publications, and research, his continued study has been of conservation biology, landscape ecology, population & community ecology, native wildflowers, invasive plants, salamanders, ants, and birds.

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