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Thank you for visiting the Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning (BRCLL) website. We are an organization within the Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) in Flat Rock, NC and are committed to nurturing intellects, inspiring imaginations, and expanding the horizons of adult lifelong learners through our educational and culturally diverse offerings and opportunities. 

After the last few months we will all be glad for summer and the new classes and EdVentures we have scheduled for the summer semester.  We have 12 classes with topics ranging from National Security, Fred and Ginger, White Color Crime and Internet Safety.  If local travel interests you we have scheduled a one day visit to the Georgia Aquarium and to Bodies …  The Exhibition as well as a guided tour of the Henderson County Historic Court House – yes it is right around the corner but how often is a tour available.  Last year we arranged for a self-drive trip to the Tryon Arts and Crafts School for a tour and a workshop on making hand dyed and painted silks; I went on it and made a scarf for my wife.  There was so much interest in the excursion that we decided to schedule it again.  Sign up early for this and the other trips and classes, they fill up fast.

Our members again gave us excellent ratings for the classes that were held this spring.  I am sure everyone will be as enthusiastic about these new offerings.

Carl Schoendorfer,


  • Our coordinator’s office hours depend on many things, including class schedules.  In general, the office is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. Terri can be reached at 828 694-1740 or e-mail.  Messages can be received at any time.  Phone messages are updated daily and calls returned as soon as possible.
  • If the College is closed for weather-related issues, all Lifelong Learning programs scheduled for that day are cancelled.  If BRCC is on a delayed schedule, afternoon Lifelong Learning classes will meet. Closing information is broadcast on local radio and television stations.  You can also call the College at 694-1700.
  • Remember, you must register to attend these activities.